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July 11th, 2014 :: text by

:: asana love ::


In this complex world, where everyone is always connected, somehow managing multiple projects can still become overwhelming.

The time spent checking emails from clients and your team can consume a massive portion of the day. Then you still have to check on project progress and review how each task is coming along. Luckily, there are many different products out there that have been created to tackle this problem. Basecamp, Wrike. and Harvest are all popular project management platforms.

However, here at eeko, we are in love with Asana.

Why? Let’s count the ways;

No. 1, the simplicity and clean look of the software. The design is easy on the eyes and allows for users to quickly find what they are looking for and move on to the next task. Inside each task is a glimpse of the current status and  you can see the conversation between the members included in that task.


The Asana team solicits and listens to user feedback and makes changes to the software quickly. Asana does not rest with its design and functionality. Instead, it continues to update and create a better user experience.

Asana allows us to communicate without having to use email. Email can gobble up time and so eliminating emails that are project-based allows us more time to design. You are able to add clients to the projects in Asana and communications there stay clearly visible.

Asana also has amazing easter eggs. Explore personal settings and activate some fun “hacks” to keep you going as you complete your tasks.



Finally, Asana has a great API that allowed many companies to create extensions. These extensions allow you to customize Asana to fit your current needs. Check out the long list here: https://asana.com/apps


June 6th, 2014 :: text by

:: Experience the City ::

Everyday millions of people in Phoenix wake up, get dressed, get in their automobile and drive to their jobs. They travel alone, slowly zig-zagging through traffic, stopping and going. By the time they arrive to the office the amount of stress that they have encountered already begins to place a burden on them. As designers we have the ability to craft a route to work that allows people to enjoy the morning and experience our city in a meaningful way. Phoenix is growing and continues to reinvent itself, every day it is possible to experience something new, falling deeper in love with the city.



Ditching the automobile not only allows you to become healthier physically and mentally, it is also a great money saver. Also, another wonderful aspect of ditching the automobile is that you are saving the planet from harmful emissions.


However, the most important aspect of traveling through the city under your own power is that it allows you to be inspired by every trip. You will notice little details about the city that otherwise would be a blur. Details in the building stonework and the generosity of the people that work throughout the city. The ability to come across a location and to be able to see work that takes place on a project, is something that is not really possible in an automobile. The relationship that you build with Phoenix will be passed on through the work that you do, through your heart.


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