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April 22nd, 2014 :: text by

:: eeko/eco ::

eeko started in 2009 with a big initiative to help communicate many of the world’s issues, build awareness and enact change. We first focused on the solar industry, one of the fastest growing industries in Arizona. It’s one that could transform our world and I wanted people to understand that industry better. We focused our design efforts on solar, urban gardens and communicating how little changes in your regular schedule could have a large impact on earth. Our mission then grew to encompass more social impact initiatives. We began working with non-profits and organizations – Child Crisis Center, Roosevelt Row, Local First Arizona, Global Family Philanthropy – and found our passion lies in not just eco-friendly businesses but businesses who have a mission of positive impact within their communities. Today, this — helping green businesses and organizations with a higher mission — remains our focus.



It’s often hard for people to think outside of their scheduled patterns. It’s just not a normal thing for humans to do. We accept easy things, and fight change. Once we have a set rhythm, why alter it? Because changes in behavior across large groups can result in monumental impact on the whole for today, tomorrow and for future generations. So today, I challenge you to take some simple steps in thinking green.

1. Plant a tree.

2. Switch to reusable bags. (Like these!)

3. Think to reuse items as much as possible.

4. Carpool, ride a bike and/or walk whenever possible.

5. Think about future generations and make one change today.