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January 17th, 2012 :: text by

:: A Global Hand — China-based, American-owned company helps GFP ::

PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions — an American-owned,  China-based company — didn’t just lend a hand to non-profit Global Family Philanthropy (GFP). PassageMaker lent them a chick.

Make that 1,000 of them — plush toy chicks that GFP is selling in the US to raise funds for its “Chicks4Children” program, a sustainable campaign that builds community chicken coops in Haiti.

To support GFP’s cause, PassageMaker provided its service — at no cost — to produce 1,000 plush toy chicks. PassageMaker, a third-party provider, helped locate the supplier and orchestrate the production, quality inspections and safety testing of the “Chicks4Children” plush toy chicks for GFP.

Chicks4Children is a sustainable campaign with a goal to end hunger and poverty worldwide. Chicks4Children coop recipients commit to share the offspring and provide community outreach. The result is a plethora of eggs and chicken to raise, eat, share and sell. For more information on the program, go to chicks4children.org.

The plush toy chicks are being sold at chicks4children.org and at globalfamilyphilanthropy.org.

eeko studio designed the Chicks4Children brand, website and the plush toys.

About Global Family Philanthropy: Global Family Philanthropy (GFP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Its goal is to provide a stable home, education, and family structure for orphaned and abandoned children. GFP’s first home is in Les Cayes, Haiti and the organization has adopted the children who live in the home. GFP’s philosophy goes beyond providing for the short-term needs of vulnerable children. Its goal is to provide a sustainable community where the children can learn and grow to realize their own dreams and potential.
Facebook: “Global Family Philanthropy

About PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions: PassageMaker is a US-owned, China based provider of 3rd party assembly & inspection to protect intellectual property and ensure quality. PassageMaker also provides services to find and manage vendors in China on behalf of client. Contact  PassageMaker if you need assistance with China sourcing.


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October 4th, 2011 :: text by

:: eeko studio Nintern 8.0 (Fall 2011) ::

So here he is, eeko studio’s other nintern (ninja intern, meng) for this fall.

What is he smiling at?

Some say your fear growing as it consumes you.

Or a butterfly.

Let’s go get it …

Name:  Adam “You can’t buy me Hot Dog” Mann

Age:  27

School:  Lawrence Technological University (LTU, Michigan) (Thanks for the clarification Adam Mann!)

Why do you like design?  I think visually, not with words.  I feel design is a medium to solve problems and speak without having to use words.  It’s like learning another language, except it’s one that is understood globally.

What is your design background?  I actually studied architectural design in college, where I was first introduced to Illustrator and Photoshop.  After moving to Phoenix two years ago, I enjoyed helping a restaurant I worked for with their menu edits and logo re-design.  Then another restaurant asked for help.  My network has continually grown as I began helping more and more businesses with design solutions for branding, graphics, web, apparel and more.

If you were a tree, what kind would you be? And why?   A deciduous tree, always changing with the seasons and adapting to the weather I encounter.

We all should be green because:  If we don’t start being more green, there won’t be a ‘we’ much longer. (Deep!)

Clean air? Or clean water?  Water.  I just can’t imagine showering in dirty water!

Brad Pitt? Or Andy Lau?  Brad Pitt.  I coincidentally just watched Legends Of The Fall last night for the first time, what a journey!

I have never:  Seen any of the Star Wars movies. (Say what!??! We may have to rescind his internship for this answer.)

Childhood ambition:  To be as good as Pele with a football. (OK, he made up for it the last answer. Internship secured.)

In five years, I will be:  Running my own business full time and hopefully have more time to work on side endeavors and visit family in Michigan.

Nickname:  Most people call me Adam Mann, not Adam.  I also get Mann-Mann and Giggle Factory.

I find inspiration in:  Life.  Being able to absorb pieces of information and elements from everything in life is important as a designer.  You never know where the next ‘ah-hah!’ moment will come from.

Since you will be working at CO+HOOTS, downtown Phoenix’s coworking space, what does coworking mean to you?  Coworking to me is an opportunity to produce better work by working together instead of by myself.  I feel that social, engaging settings where you can exchange ideas freely will produce the best work.  They provide the best opportunity to learn from each other and grow with each other.

What do you hope to learn/accomplish in this internship?  I hope that this internship will be an amazing opportunity to learn and grow as a designer and a someday-small-business-owner.  I’d like to learn more about others design processes, but also develop professionally by learning more about business relationships and systems.

September 28th, 2011 :: text by

:: eeko studio Nintern 7.0 (Fall 2011) ::

Yes, it’s that time again. Another introduction of the newest Nintern (ninja intern, noob).

What is she looking at?

Some say, your soul as it wilts in fear.

Or maybe a butterfly.

Let’s get to it …

Name: Renata “Your Business” Grieco

Age: 25

School: Pratt Institute (Say where? Here, noob.)

Why do you like design?
I love design because it allows me to learn about lots of different things while using my creativity. Every time I work on a new project I get to learn about the client and their field. I also like the challenge of solving interesting problems.

What is your design background?
I’ve been doing freelance design work for about the past five years while going to art school in New York. I moved back to Phoenix about a year ago and worked for two start-up companies, a children’s educational game company and a fitness related app company.

If you were a tree, what kind would you be? And why?
I would be a cocoa tree because they are kind of weird (they grow fruit directly from their trunks!) and their seeds can be turned into chocolate.

We all should be green because:
The more people are green the bigger effect we will all have. I also think that the process of trying to be green makes people think harder about the details and impact of each aspect of what they are making or doing, which often gives us better designed products.

Clean air? Or clean water?
Clean water because it is probably harder to live without.

Brad Pitt? Or Andy Lau?
Andy Lau.

I have never: Been to Mexico, even though I was raised in Arizona.

In five years, I will be: Living in New York City and hopefully starting my own design firm.

Childhood ambition: I always wanted to be an artist or maybe to work with animals.

Nickname:  Renata “Your Business.” (OK, we just made that up. Here’s what she really wrote:) I’ve actually never really had a nickname, I guess Renata is pretty difficult to shorten.

I find inspiration in: Big cities and all the interesting chaos and complexity they are filled with. I love to take walks when I’m having a creative block and be inspired by random things I see around me.

Since you will be working at CO+HOOTS, downtown Phoenix’s coworking space, what does coworking mean to you?
I think coworking is about sharing not only a workspace, but also abilities and ideas. It gives people the chance to collaborate and accomplish things they might not be able to do alone.

What do you hope to learn/accomplish in this internship?
This internship is my first time working in a studio setting, so I hope to learn how a small studio works. I also hope to learn more about being green and how it fits into graphic design.

July 11th, 2011 :: text by

:: Haiti 2.0 Day Ten ::

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI — In our last day in Haiti, we offer an ode to the country, Global Family Philanthropy and the kids:

When we grow older, we will be stronger.
As we leave Haiti,  our heart will be fonder.

In this country we meet, accept no defeat.
We do this for thee, the patter of little feet.

They learn and they play, not far away.
They say our names, wish we could stay.

We love how they treat us, make us believers.
We’ve become loved ones, never deceivers.

Still we have to go, with the wind as it blows.
This country we know, the love we all show.

This is their home, all they had known.
Where they have grown, these streets they had roamed.

But out of the darkness, they could come the farthest.
Among the hardest. Survivors.

The love, it comes longer, no more is the hunger.
When they grow older, they will be stronger.

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July 6th, 2011 :: text by

:: Haiti 2.0 Day Nine ::

LES CAYES, HAITI — This is what a family does.

This is how a family acts.

This is what a family feels.

As we walked down the beach at Port Salut with a few of the Global Family Philanthropy volunteers along with Junau, Yvenil, Sarah (one of the housemothers) and some of the GFP kids, we couldn’t help but smile as wide as the coast is long.

We laughed and we played. On the sand. In the shore.

Like a family.    Read the rest of this entry »

July 5th, 2011 :: text by

:: Haiti 2.0 Day Eight ::

LES CAYES, HAITI — This is Haiti.

We think.

There are chicken coops. Pink pigs. And spotted cows.

A group of Global Family Philanthropy volunteers visited a convent today. And it seemed more Narnia than Haiti.

The convent has been around for decades and has been self-sustaining for years, something we hope the GFP land can become. Read the rest of this entry »

June 23rd, 2011 :: text by

:: Haiti 2.0 Day Seven ::

LES CAYES, HAITI — Seventh verse, same as the first:
Rain, rain go away. Come again another day when we’re not in Haiti.
The rain has yet to yield. Rain-ridden, bed-ridden — they have come to mean the same thing.
Many of the Global Family Philanthropy children have become ill. So have at least a handful of volunteers.
Thankfully, not all at the same time.
It’s been tiresome, this rain. We’re getting tired of not working. And that is the last time you’ll read that from us. Read the rest of this entry »

June 21st, 2011 :: text by

:: Haiti 2.0 Day Six ::

LES CAYES, HAITI — They strolled in two-by-two, dancing a two-step as the crowd awaited their arrival.

About 12 students, 8 of them Global Family Philanthropy children, from the elementary school GFP sponsors graduated from their particular grades today.

A grapefruit-pink graduation gown draped over their formal clothes — white button-down shirt and black slacks for the boys; a church-going dress for the girls — and a neon green graduation cap covered their little, brilliant heads.

Yes, the cuteness level was ridiculously high. Read the rest of this entry »

June 20th, 2011 :: text by

:: Haiti 2.0 Day Five ::

LES CAYES, HAITI — The rain in Haiti will not let up.

The rain, like tragedy in this country, is relentless. Unforgiving.

It doesn’t care if you want to get things done. It doesn’t care if you live in a tent on the wrong side of an incline. It doesn’t care if you have a house that has walls with holes the size of a grown man.

Many Haitians loathe the rain. It piles more problems onto a life already full of it.

There is no way we and the rest of the Global Family Philanthropy volunteers will truly be able to understand how much rain complicates life for many Haitians.

So there wasn’t much complaining today. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 16th, 2011 :: text by

:: Haiti 2.0 Day Four ::

LES CAYES, HAITI –  Rain poured down as if an ark was waiting for it to fill the earth.

We sat on the porch of the Global Family Philanthropy home, under a roof, helpless to Mother Nature’s whims.  But we didn’t mind, for once. Not one bit.

Strands of gold could replace the air and we still would rather be right where we were. With the GFP children in our arms, their smiles in our eyes, and their love in our hearts.

We were right where we belong. Read the rest of this entry »