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Hello friend! This is the voice of eeko studio, the little design boutique that could. We focus on helping businesses grow through design. We believe that we all are responsible for helping the environment, and so we give everyone a chance to do that by working with us. eeko studio donates a portion of profits from every project to help local environmental charities plus we make you look great.

So welcome to eeko studio’s blog. I promise it will be ridiculously intelligent and worth every minute you spend glued to this page! Ok, I lied, I can’t promise intelligence nor “worth every minute” part. Though I will definitely promise it will be somewhat inspiring and entertaining. I may even slip in robot and ninja references here and there. Everyone loves them robots and ninjas! If not, I’m sorry. I’m not going to stop doing it. Close your eyes if you want. Cover your ears.

I doubt it will help. Ninjas are sneaky.

go eeko ninja!

e: hello@eekostudio.com
p: 623.252.3356