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May 15th, 2015 :: text by

:: eeko kicking serious ass at Collision Conference ::

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Two eeko studio rock stars walk into a tent in Las Vegas wearing CO+HOOTS’ “HOOT HOOT MOTHERF*CKER” T-shirts … what do you think happened next?

There can be only one answer.

Serious ass kicking.

Last week, eeko studio’s Brittany Rislund and Kay Tanstrum attended Collision Conference, a tech conference that exhibits hundreds of startups and hosts a variety of speakers from around the world. Having only started 3 years ago, Collision has become one of the largest entrepreneurial conferences in the world.

So, basically, no big deal, it’s just a level of epic-ness you can never prepare for.

There were over 200 speakers in the course of two days, not to mention two pavilions filled to the brim with start ups presenting their ideas and pitching both to other start and to potential funders.

Brittany recounts the experience:

We attended a talk called “Is Good Design Measurable,” where Pamela Pavliscak discussed three specific ways to measure the value of design. We couldn’t agree more with her holistic approach (how is technology experienced), striving for balance (through the entire design experience) and seeking meaning (using metrics that are beneficial).

Design is about creating a good experience, both visually and emotionally.

Another panel talked about marketing to millennials. They debunked the notion that millennials are lazy and will never succeed in the work force and argued that millennials are the most intelligent generation yet and refuse to settle for mediocre marketing or sub- par ideas.

“You can’t bullshit millenials. They’re smart and they’re savvy and they’re elevating the standards,” said Brad Haugen.

They discussed the level of necessary transparency with millennials in order to gain their trust and their followship. They are the most socially conscious, and if your company isn’t doing anything to help others, they will move on to a company that is.

Insights and Design focused on how huge the relationship with the customer is. Marketing has become primarily word of mouth, which isn’t exactly news. It’s also not really a surprise that this means our social media platform is either legit and keeps people engaged and loyal, or it fizzles out and our clients don’t care.

Consumers are realizing their superhuman powers, and we havee to figure out not only how to keep up with them, but to help empower them.

Nothing could really prepare us for how rad Collision Conference 2015 would be. We met gamechangers and movemakers from all over the world and listened to founders and CEOs of some of today’s leading businesses. We are excited to be back and to make shit happen on an even bigger level.



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