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December 19th, 2014 :: text by

:: Meet new eeko studio designer Brittany Rislund ::

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 3.45.03 PM

Her name is Brittany.

Or is it Brittney?

Or is it The Pink Power Ranger?

We’ll let her explain.

Get to know eeko studio’s newest design ninja!

Age: 28

Hometown: Glendale, AZ

Nickname: B, or stormgooser on the interwebs and online gaming.

Graphic design background: I’ve always been into the arts, from band to theatre, photography to painting. Though I started out wanting to get into photojournalism, I quickly found my true love in graphic design when I stumbled into it while working for a local business back in 2007. I ended up being self-taught in most of the basics before finally going to school for graphic and web design to refine what I knew and expand on that knowledge. During my final semester, I received the opportunity to be Project Manager and lead a team of 4 other students in producing The Traveler, the book publication of the school’s annual literary and fine arts competition.

I was super fortunate in being introduced to the Phoenix Film Festival where I volunteer as a designer. This also led me to Phoenix Comicon where I continue to volunteer as Art Coordinator, helping lead a large art team. I’m now on my second year with both organizations and I love it.

I’ve also had a great experience and opportunity working with another local designer on several projects including logo designs, digital pieces, and large format printing for vehicle wraps and window graphics. The last company I worked for is based outside of Toronto and is well known in the daily T-shirt and nerdy subscription box industries. I was the promotions and community manager and lead designer for two entities having five products, each with their own, separate social media presence. It was both a fun and challenging experience, especially while working remotely and leading a team that’s a couple thousand miles away.

Favorite thing about what I do? I love puzzles, figuring things out and challenging my brain. Design is basically that – a puzzle. I enjoy taking someone else’s design challenge, big or small, and figuring it out to provide an effective solution that they’re happy with. The process itself can be stressful at times, but the outcome is so rewarding. It’s such an awesome feeling when you’ve completed a project that not only looks amazing, but the client is more than happy and you’ve exceeded their expectations. That’s definitely the best part.

Why did I want to work at eeko? Why not?! No, seriously. The environment is great and the people are awesome. I love the vibe here. It’s a place where I feel like I fit in and am a true member of, and eeko’s a company I’m proud to be a part of. I love that eeko believes in taking the time to get to know each and every project well to ensure quality work is produced while providing a great and happy experience for clients.

What should the CO+HOOTS community know about me? I try not to let it happen too often, but I’ll randomly start humming or singing little catch tunes from various commercials and games, or sometimes actual songs. I haven’t actually eaten McDonald’s in several years yet I randomly blurt out their bada ba da daaaaa tune (good job to their marketing team). Mario Bros is another sound commonly coming from me (both main and underground themes). If either of those are now stuck in your head, you’re most welcome. Also, I might wait until the last second to answer my phone because I love singing along with my ringtone … the DuckTales theme song.

What is one thing people don’t know about me? I’m secretly the Pink Power Ranger. I don’t like the paparazzi being all up in my face and business, so I don’t have my face shown on TV. That Amy Jo Johnson chick and all the others that have followed since are actually my doubles. Shh.

If I had a 100 Billion Dollars, what would I do? First, I’d make sure my mom is completely taken care of so she can retire and just enjoy herself. I owe her so much for all she’s done for me, and I’m sure she could use a vacation, too. I’d pay off my car, student loans, etc. and buy a home. I’d love to have an awesome studio space that’s open yet has designated areas for digital work, drawing and painting as well. I’d also save a huge portion while investing some so that I and my future family and children are also set to live a comfortable life. I’d help out those closest to me as well, and I’d want to donate an support a few causes that I believe in. Probably even a cool kickstarter. Oh, and I’m sure I’d take a small portion and just geek out for maybe a few months. Let’s be honest here … my toy and collectibles collection would greatly grow and I’d definitely want to take a trip touring so many places around the world.

First thing I’ll do when the zombie apocalypse comes? Lose my sh*t. Seriously, I’m probably doomed. However, I’d (hopefully) pull myself together and try to remember everything I’ve seen and learned from Zombieland, The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead and every other apocalypse-related movie or show I’ve ever watched. You know, so I know what I probably should do and definitely shouldn’t do, who I should and shouldn’t trust, situations to avoid, rule #2: double tap, etc. I think Michonne’s got the right idea as far as weapon of choice, too.

Why am I awesome? Aside from my great personality, super design skillz, and killer Star Wars bag?! I’m just me. :)



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