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August 18th, 2014 :: text by

:: Fantastic Etsy shops by local Phoenix artists ::

Like most people, we dig Etsy. We could spend hours dangerously shopping online and purchasing cool items. Wouldn’t it be rad if we could online shop AND support our local Phoenicians? Why yes, yes it would. And we can.

Here are some Etsy peeps whose products we love:

Baby Teith

COOL baby clothes! Tiffe Fermaint uses digitally printed organic cotton fabric and the clothing focuses on science and music. They have a fabric designed by a local artist named Yai that is absolutely fun and crazy. Kim and Kanye just ordered some of these clothes for baby North!




 Adam Rabbit

Ashley Pasquan has been making gorgeous jewelry and is definitely getting noticed by boutiques across America. We love the natural, yet geometric design of her jewelry. They’re very simple but still retain that edge that us jewelry junkies love.




And last but sure as hell not least …

Crafty Chica

Kathy Cano-Murillo makes everything from prints to hand painted ceramics to jewelry, all of which are MESMERIZING! Who knew that the love child of Dia de Los Muertos and punk crafts could be so beautiful. We dig her collage style and use of hot colors.



Alrighty people, clicky clicky! Get yo’ shop on.



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