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July 18th, 2014 :: text by

:: Emoji talk ::


Once upon a time, 1982 to be exact, Scott Fahlman came up with the idea to put together three punctuation marks: a colon a dash and a closed parentheses and to make the universal symbol (on the web) for happiness.


From that point on, the concept of conveying emotions via text message, email, the web, etc., has exploded in popularity. Here at eeko, we love emojis, and we know that you do too. We are here to tell you: HEY! That’s OK!

From the kitty with hearts for eyes to the smiley pile of poo, this concept of logograms and pictographs started long ago. We aren’t new in wanting to express ideas and feelings through pictures and symbols, but what IS new is their hilarity, innovative design and efficiency. Originally created in Japan by DoCoMo i-mode to reduce the amount of data created by picture messaging, emojis are a great mode of universally understood language and can easily bring giggles to any conversation and also free up character space in texts.

With technological aptitude came the ability to express feelings with icons, which is … AWESOME. We attempt to express ourselves every day, and any mode or design that can assist us/make us laugh, we approve of.

Here are some emojis we like:


Here are some emojis we are slightly puzzled about:

photo (1)

Shout out to you emoji users! Peace, ya’ll.


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