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June 13th, 2014 :: text by

:: Phoenix is about to get a whole lot healthier! ::

We’ve recently taken on a project called Healthy Food Phoenix. This is a program that hopes to infiltrate the existing small markets/corner stores/bodegas within the Garfield neighborhood to transform them into healthy food systems. This is a really great program because the goal is to decrease obesity, diabetes, and other health risks that can occur by not eating enough healthy foods. For the people in this specific neighborhood, access to healthy food choices is minimum. Most corner stores that people walk to and shop at barely have any fresh fruits or vegetables to offer.



This client wanted a very specific look for the logo, so we set out on an adventure to the Garfield Neighborhood and did some research. To understand the project fully, we wanted to take a look around the area the program would be serving. We wanted to get a feel for it and get inspired by it. For the look of the logo, the client’s idea was for it to have a mural feel. There were plenty of amazing murals and graffiti throughout Garfield for us to look at.





After snapping some photos of the neighborhood street art, we headed back to work to get started on some logo ideas with these murals still fresh in our minds. A couple days and a few revisions later we had a logo! Then came the business cards!



Next up, more collateral to be used as handouts to give away to let the people know the issue, the plan to help and what they can do. Stay tuned, I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Healthy Food Phoenix!





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