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May 8th, 2014 :: text by

:: Grow Through Design – The Process ::

Hey guys!

We recently decided that we needed to update our social media graphics, especially with the new twitter update. Our previous graphics were a little dated and didn’t really match what we’ve been up to lately. I decided to go with a more custom look for our pages and thought using some handwritten type could be fun!

eeko uses the phrase “Grow Through Design” quite often so I thought this would be the perfect quote for this project. I decided to take the idea straight to my Moleskin notebook to draw out some ideas. I’m quite the “noob” if you will, when it comes to handwritten type. I know I’ve got a lot to learn but wanted to challenge myself to create something a little more organic for the eeko team. The first sketch below was what I initially had in mind.


Originally, I wanted to try and create a circle with the text by using “swashes” to fill the empty space. As you can see above, I had some ideas but I just couldn’t get it to where I wanted. After multiple revisions to these swashes, I still wasn’t happy with where they were going but decided to take the design into illustrator. Below, you can see that I had a rough version going but again I wasn’t digging the swashes.


I liked the direction of the type so I decided to axe the swashes and hone in the type.


I took off the swashes and started to refine the type. I went through a few variations and asked for some feedback from the team and finally ended up with this:


I still liked the idea of having this within some kind of circle as I feel like it helped complete the overall look. So, I added a circle around the piece as well as some texture to finish it off. And this was the edit we used for our new social media pieces!


This project tested my patience over the course of trying to refine it but we are all really happy with the final result! I learned a few new things in the process and hope to use it on something similar in the future.





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