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June 20th, 2013 :: text by

:: eeko studio Nintern 2013: Joel “Cookie” Cook ::


On Wednesday, you read about one of CO+HOOTS’/eeko studio’s 2013 Ninterns. (RIGHT!??!)

And now meet the other Nintern (ninja intern, for you n00bs) … Joel Cook (no relation)!

Joel is in the photo above with his lovely wife, Jenn. Joel is the one on the right.

So put your feet up, blow some bubbles and read. (Exact order is up to the reader.)

Name: Joel Cook

Nickname: Joelski or Cookie

Age: 22

Title: Graphic Design Intern

Why did you want to work at CO+HOOTS and eeko studio?
After a lot of research, I found eeko studio and really was impressed with their portfolio, then I started to look into what CO+HOOTS was and I just loved the concept! Put a lot of hard working creative people in one working space what do you get?… Explosions of awesomeness!

What are you studying at ASU? Why did you choose that path?
Graphic Design. I took a multimedia class back in high school that covered a ton of  programs such as Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and Final Cut. I really took on to Photoshop and started practicing and leaning new techniques on my own and before I knew it, I was actually really good at it. So I figured in life, I want to do what I love, so why not just go all out and go with graphic design!

CO+HOOTS members and eeko studio may be able to help you as well … What are your own personal hopes and dreams?
The dream as of now is to graduate in a year and land a full-time job as a graphic designer. I cant wai’t to just work full-time in a field I love and start a family with my wonderful wife.

If you had 100 billion dollars, you would …
I think the question is what wouldn’t I do? Haha. But I would probably buy a nice house/car and travel :)

What should the CO+HOOTS community know about you?
I love learning new things, so no matter what field of work you may be in I am sure there is something awesome I could benefit from learning about your business.

What is that one big project you’d like to do? In CO+HOOTS/for eeko studio or out of CO+HOOTS/not for eeko studio?
Well, in these first couple weeks here, I have really liked working on package design. I think it would be sweet to work on more of those types of projects in the future.

What is one thing people don’t know about you?
I am 25% Japanese.

Why are you so awesome?
I make sure everyone else feels awesome and in tern that makes me feel pretty awesome!

Who’s more awesome … Jenny? Or Odeen?
Oh shoot… I am going to have to go with Jenny, she’s pretty rad.



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