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July 18th, 2014 :: text by

:: Emoji talk ::


Once upon a time, 1982 to be exact, Scott Fahlman came up with the idea to put together three punctuation marks: a colon a dash and a closed parentheses and to make the universal symbol (on the web) for happiness.


From that point on, the concept of conveying emotions via text message, email, the web, etc., has exploded in popularity. Here at eeko, we love emojis, and we know that you do too. We are here to tell you: HEY! That’s OK!

From the kitty with hearts for eyes to the smiley pile of poo, this concept of logograms and pictographs started long ago. We aren’t new in wanting to express ideas and feelings through pictures and symbols, but what IS new is their hilarity, innovative design and efficiency. Originally created in Japan by DoCoMo i-mode to reduce the amount of data created by picture messaging, emojis are a great mode of universally understood language and can easily bring giggles to any conversation and also free up character space in texts.

With technological aptitude came the ability to express feelings with icons, which is … AWESOME. We attempt to express ourselves every day, and any mode or design that can assist us/make us laugh, we approve of.

Here are some emojis we like:


Here are some emojis we are slightly puzzled about:

photo (1)

Shout out to you emoji users! Peace, ya’ll.

July 11th, 2014 :: text by

:: asana love ::


In this complex world, where everyone is always connected, somehow managing multiple projects can still become overwhelming.

The time spent checking emails from clients and your team can consume a massive portion of the day. Then you still have to check on project progress and review how each task is coming along. Luckily, there are many different products out there that have been created to tackle this problem. Basecamp, Wrike. and Harvest are all popular project management platforms.

However, here at eeko, we are in love with Asana.

Why? Let’s count the ways;

No. 1, the simplicity and clean look of the software. The design is easy on the eyes and allows for users to quickly find what they are looking for and move on to the next task. Inside each task is a glimpse of the current status and  you can see the conversation between the members included in that task.


The Asana team solicits and listens to user feedback and makes changes to the software quickly. Asana does not rest with its design and functionality. Instead, it continues to update and create a better user experience.

Asana allows us to communicate without having to use email. Email can gobble up time and so eliminating emails that are project-based allows us more time to design. You are able to add clients to the projects in Asana and communications there stay clearly visible.

Asana also has amazing easter eggs. Explore personal settings and activate some fun “hacks” to keep you going as you complete your tasks.



Finally, Asana has a great API that allowed many companies to create extensions. These extensions allow you to customize Asana to fit your current needs. Check out the long list here: https://asana.com/apps

June 27th, 2014 :: text by

:: And now for something… ::


Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 6.12.25 PM


Here at eeko, there’s always a number of interesting projects at various stages of work. Sometimes it happens that multiple things are wrapping up, or we are in the middle of everything… right now, it seems we are in the beginning stages with a bundle of new clients! We’ve been sought out by a group of doctors to help them refresh their branding as they are in a super competitive category and with insurance paying for less in this specific area – the cash paying customer is king and these docs know they need to stay current. We’ve been found by an architect who also wants to refresh his brand graphics and create a whole new website to show his portfolio and impress potential new clients. And we’ve now met with a new cafe that wants to bring fresh juices and salads into what looks to be a really rad spot – the DeSoto building on Central and Roosevelt. As the ‘admin-lady’ here at eeko, this means I am busy with getting-to-know-you meetings and I always ask new clients if they are ‘email people’ or ‘phone people’, as I truly need to know! Good design needs good communication – and we get complimented often for being clear communicators and for delivering what we promised when we said we would. We’re thrilled when we are a good fit with our clients – i.e. we love to collaborate! Even if you take only an introductory meeting with us, we will be throwing great ideas your way. We are always hoping to make a difference in our community – whether someone decides to go with eeko (no really, you should!!)  or they find someone else that somehow suits them better. We love small businesses and the amazingly alive energy of launching – or relaunching – a brand!

June 13th, 2014 :: text by

:: Phoenix is about to get a whole lot healthier! ::

We’ve recently taken on a project called Healthy Food Phoenix. This is a program that hopes to infiltrate the existing small markets/corner stores/bodegas within the Garfield neighborhood to transform them into healthy food systems. This is a really great program because the goal is to decrease obesity, diabetes, and other health risks that can occur by not eating enough healthy foods. For the people in this specific neighborhood, access to healthy food choices is minimum. Most corner stores that people walk to and shop at barely have any fresh fruits or vegetables to offer.



This client wanted a very specific look for the logo, so we set out on an adventure to the Garfield Neighborhood and did some research. To understand the project fully, we wanted to take a look around the area the program would be serving. We wanted to get a feel for it and get inspired by it. For the look of the logo, the client’s idea was for it to have a mural feel. There were plenty of amazing murals and graffiti throughout Garfield for us to look at.





After snapping some photos of the neighborhood street art, we headed back to work to get started on some logo ideas with these murals still fresh in our minds. A couple days and a few revisions later we had a logo! Then came the business cards!



Next up, more collateral to be used as handouts to give away to let the people know the issue, the plan to help and what they can do. Stay tuned, I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Healthy Food Phoenix!



June 6th, 2014 :: text by

:: Experience the City ::

Everyday millions of people in Phoenix wake up, get dressed, get in their automobile and drive to their jobs. They travel alone, slowly zig-zagging through traffic, stopping and going. By the time they arrive to the office the amount of stress that they have encountered already begins to place a burden on them. As designers we have the ability to craft a route to work that allows people to enjoy the morning and experience our city in a meaningful way. Phoenix is growing and continues to reinvent itself, every day it is possible to experience something new, falling deeper in love with the city.



Ditching the automobile not only allows you to become healthier physically and mentally, it is also a great money saver. Also, another wonderful aspect of ditching the automobile is that you are saving the planet from harmful emissions.


However, the most important aspect of traveling through the city under your own power is that it allows you to be inspired by every trip. You will notice little details about the city that otherwise would be a blur. Details in the building stonework and the generosity of the people that work throughout the city. The ability to come across a location and to be able to see work that takes place on a project, is something that is not really possible in an automobile. The relationship that you build with Phoenix will be passed on through the work that you do, through your heart.


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May 29th, 2014 :: text by

:: What Makes a Worthy Billboard ::

Let’s talk about billboards. Yes, they clog our eyeballs everyday, inform us, infuriate us, and give us a good belly laugh at their mistakes. So what truly makes a WORTHY billboard? As Phoenicians, shouldn’t we have a say in what we want to look at during our daily commute? Why yes, yes we should! Listen up Phoenix businesses, we are here to help. Here are four awesome examples of billboards we like.

1. Readability, contrast, and concept all in one! Adding perspective and the slightest bit of texture can do so much. Not only can you absorb the message quickly, the design is pleasant to look at and even encourages drivers to think about sharing the road while on the road.



2. Even at 60 miles per hour, this is pretty darn funny. Bonus points for making your company name readable as well and convincing us that getting new flooring could be comical. This goes to show that not every good billboard uses bright colors, and vice versa. Using colors that convey the feeling of your company is key.



3. Literally thinking outside that billboard box. Simple yet recognizable additions work well. Look at this enormous stethoscope, it’s mildly hilarious and gets the point across. The blue background blends in nice with the Phoenix sky and those white letters look crisp and clean. We also like the “punny” factor to this.


Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.28.57 PM

4. Having a large phone number right in the middle of the billboard is great. You may have the most beautiful billboard ever but if we cannot read your contact info, you have lost us. This one is also a great example of proportionate image and text. Nice work!


OK, here is what NOT to do:

1. Though spelling errors are hilarious, try to avoid them at all cost.



2. We know that you have a lot to say about your business, but keep it to a minimum. Please keep in mind how fast your audience will be driving while viewing your advertisement. Cute dogs though!



3.  Show us that contact info nice n’ big! Maybe even massive. If the contact info is not readable, then how the heck are we going to reach you?! Not exactly sure why the image of back muscles are larger than the web address and phone number combined…police recruitment ad 480w

4. Finally, tell us who you are. Your name is just as important as what you have to say. Don’t keep us guessing, unless that is your intention. Yes, we agree with you, but WHO are you.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.29.45 PM

Thanks for reading, peace ya’ll.


May 16th, 2014 :: text by

:: Storytelling in video ::

Here at eeko, we’ve been geeking out on video clips as web-sites that feature video are becoming prominent and popular and clients often ask for our artistic input. We’d show you some websites that use it on their homepage – but we’d be advertising our competition – design studios and digital agencies. But look for fullscreen video clips to start happening more and more as businesses see the effect of auto-start videos on Facebook and video intro ads on YouTube. We look for great engagement and storytelling in video clips – here’s a few stand-outs from our latest look into video for a few different clients of ours, replete with pans, close-ups, slow and fast motion, and focus ~ ENJOY!

May 8th, 2014 :: text by

:: Grow Through Design – The Process ::

Hey guys!

We recently decided that we needed to update our social media graphics, especially with the new twitter update. Our previous graphics were a little dated and didn’t really match what we’ve been up to lately. I decided to go with a more custom look for our pages and thought using some handwritten type could be fun!

eeko uses the phrase “Grow Through Design” quite often so I thought this would be the perfect quote for this project. I decided to take the idea straight to my Moleskin notebook to draw out some ideas. I’m quite the “noob” if you will, when it comes to handwritten type. I know I’ve got a lot to learn but wanted to challenge myself to create something a little more organic for the eeko team. The first sketch below was what I initially had in mind.


Originally, I wanted to try and create a circle with the text by using “swashes” to fill the empty space. As you can see above, I had some ideas but I just couldn’t get it to where I wanted. After multiple revisions to these swashes, I still wasn’t happy with where they were going but decided to take the design into illustrator. Below, you can see that I had a rough version going but again I wasn’t digging the swashes.


I liked the direction of the type so I decided to axe the swashes and hone in the type.


I took off the swashes and started to refine the type. I went through a few variations and asked for some feedback from the team and finally ended up with this:


I still liked the idea of having this within some kind of circle as I feel like it helped complete the overall look. So, I added a circle around the piece as well as some texture to finish it off. And this was the edit we used for our new social media pieces!


This project tested my patience over the course of trying to refine it but we are all really happy with the final result! I learned a few new things in the process and hope to use it on something similar in the future.



May 2nd, 2014 :: text by

:: CO+HOOTS Website and CO+HOOTS Foundation Launch! ::



Another day, another website launch. No big deal right?


This week was the launch of the new CO+HOOTS website. Not only did the site get a facelift, but something completely new has been added: the CO+HOOTS Foundation!

The CO+HOOTS Foundation is an Arizona non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. The Foundation’s vision is to be recognized as the thought and action leader of engaging coworkers and the business community in pro bono service to “CO+BUILD” a better world. It has four main areas of focus: Empower Success, CO+BUILD Community, Tap Talent Early and CO+CHANGE The World.

To find out more about the Foundation click here.


This site was definitely a collaboration that couldn’t have happened without  brilliant teamwork. CO+HOOTS members from Positive Element were rockstars when it came to customizing the site and troubleshooting any issues. Here at eeko, we helped with the content, graphic design and overall look of the site.

The CO+HOOTS team of Jess Roth and Michelle D’Souza were da bomb.com (yeah, I wrote it) at getting every needed piece into the site: photos, content, links … EVERYTHING!

So go ahead and take a look at the new CO+HOOTS site here.



April 22nd, 2014 :: text by

:: eeko/eco ::

eeko started in 2009 with a big initiative to help communicate many of the world’s issues, build awareness and enact change. We first focused on the solar industry, one of the fastest growing industries in Arizona. It’s one that could transform our world and I wanted people to understand that industry better. We focused our design efforts on solar, urban gardens and communicating how little changes in your regular schedule could have a large impact on earth. Our mission then grew to encompass more social impact initiatives. We began working with non-profits and organizations – Child Crisis Center, Roosevelt Row, Local First Arizona, Global Family Philanthropy – and found our passion lies in not just eco-friendly businesses but businesses who have a mission of positive impact within their communities. Today, this — helping green businesses and organizations with a higher mission — remains our focus.



It’s often hard for people to think outside of their scheduled patterns. It’s just not a normal thing for humans to do. We accept easy things, and fight change. Once we have a set rhythm, why alter it? Because changes in behavior across large groups can result in monumental impact on the whole for today, tomorrow and for future generations. So today, I challenge you to take some simple steps in thinking green.

1. Plant a tree.

2. Switch to reusable bags. (Like these!)

3. Think to reuse items as much as possible.

4. Carpool, ride a bike and/or walk whenever possible.

5. Think about future generations and make one change today.